Hi, I’m Tamer.

With over 13 years of experience, I have shifted my career from a usability and user experience designer, to the big world of digital media advertising.

The vast knowledge that I have gained through the years made me the superman of digital advertising.

Created over 30 brands in the food and beverage industry in less than a year, with big names such as Baltazar, and Sophia’s Garden, TEDS and many others.

Creating brands from bottom up, names, strategy, visuals and interior suggestions, I have mastered the art of being a multi tasker.

Created campaigns that exceeds thousands of reach and engagement.

As well as maintaining my roots to the web design and web development field.

Designing Web flow that work well with the current computer and online era, designing reliable flow to help businesses accomplish their website needs.

Creating a usable interface for websites in order to help and aid the visitor to find what he wants, in an easy and less-clicks as possible way.

Developing a simple friendly experience for the visitors of the website to have a spot on data whenever needed with a great design and a usable interface.

Designing brand identities to portray the business activity in a professional and creative way and media.

Creating Arabic calligraphy as well as English typography to suit any business needs.

+2 01121 333 713